Surviving Is All Around Us™

The mission of Cause Fund, Inc. is to bring communities together...

One unifying program, called Cause Day™, will facilitate Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and celebrate the theme that Surviving is All Around Us™ while raising awareness and funds for dozens of health charities.

Our goal is to help schools, colleges, and companies to empower individuals and give them the opportunity to transform the community around them "from the bottom up". Kids Cause Day™ affects the well-being of all students throughout their academic years, regardless of their socioeconomic background. Cause Day programs are designed to promote a culture of compassion and awareness. Cause Day™ embraces the concept that we are all surviving something and coming together in that notion will bring social good to our society.

Cause Day™ is all-inclusive and empowers ALL students..

“Cause Day™ facilitates Social Emotional Learning skills in a school setting. It will offer schools a way to present all these health related causes as one unit and it will empower children to be part of the solution. It will benefit many worthy non-profits, while bringing compassion and care to the school community.”

Dianne Connolly, Principal, Pentucket Elementary School, Haverhill, MA